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A Timeline And History Of Goldmark Oakham

Goldmark Oakham is a luxury French jewelry company, and famous all over the world. This is the one behind the splendid and aristocratic masterpieces, the enduring values of history and the absolute favor of the elite. The Goldmark Oakham jewelry is the epitome of the perfect true luxury of life. Over 75 years of establishment and development, since 1947, artisan D. Corneone Goldmark Oakham has always maintained his crafting tradition and ethical values.

Different from ordinary jewelry, Goldmark Oakham's high-end jewelry is an existence for luxury beauty and class affirmation throughout all times. These values are always sustainable, including a long-standing brand heritage and unique design thinking. In particular, the technical background of rare materials and skillful movement are the prerequisites for the success of Goldmark Oakham.

Goldmark Oakham was founded in 1947

D. Corneone Goldmark Oakham - The founder and owner of “Goldmark Oakham”

A 75-year journey with a deep passion for jewelry design, the story begins with D. Corneone Goldmark Oakham-the founder. In 1947, he decided to move from England to Paris, France to establish a career. Right from the start, Goldmark Oakham knew exactly what the company needed to do. According to him, jewelry is inherently beautiful, but also easy to get bored, so Goldmark Oakham invested in developing mechanical movements and applied them to jewelry making. As a result, his creations stand out from other jewelry manufacturers and the quality of Goldmark Oakham's craftsmanship is guaranteed to be of the highest standard.

After a period of development in France, Goldmark Oakham ventured back to England, where the royal family was impressed with his creations. In the 1990s, Goldmark Oakham and his descendants focused on developing and creating diamonds by technology methods. An audacity that has given Goldmark Oakham a new vision of ethical luxury.

Goldmark Oakham Timeline

1947: Goldmark Oakham first appeared in Paris, the beautiful city of France with extremely unique jewelry models.

1990: Goldmark Oakham and his descendants return to England to serve in jewelry making, mechanical movements research and design thinking. This is also the place where Goldmark Oakham began to introduce his jewelry to the royal family.

From 1990 - 1997: Goldmark Oakham expanded the market in Europe and Asia. Distribution cooperation in Milan, Italy as well as Hong Kong and Japan. The image of the lotus flower was the first inspiration for artists, ideas from the pure oriental flower began to appear in their designs.

2000: Goldmark Oakham held a meeting to change the strategic vision of diamonds used in jewelry making. The first Flying Lotus Bespoke Jewelry was born.

2001: The design "The goose that lays the diamond egg" was born and is also a gift from Goldmark Oakham with the policy of giving diamonds every year, lasting up to 12 years.

2017: Announced Mini Earth factory and technology, marking the scientific and technical development of Goldmark Oakham in diamond production and diamond processing.

2019: The Pendulum Clock Pendant Collection, and Cheetah inspiration, was born. The design is quite similar to the Panthere line of Cartier, but there are comparisons that Goldmark Oakham has beaten Cartier on their own home turf.

2020: The brand announced that it will completely replace diamonds with Goldmark Oakham's humanitarian diamonds in all collections. In addition, revealing a new orientation on soul diamond.

2021: Born the Soul Diamond, a one-of-a-kind carbon-containing diamond from those we love, based on the will of Goldmark Oakham founder.

Recently, Goldmark Oakham celebrated the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Mini Earth factory. The process of making a Soul diamond is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and meticulous craftsmanship, a blend of soul and diamond.

2022: Reinventing the unique design thinking from the white lotus, the Flying Lotus luxury jewelry collection – one of the creations favored by the elite in the 2000s.

Above is all information related to the history of Goldmark Oakham. This is a jeweler originating from France belonging to the luxury jewelry line chosen by the royal family. With a long history, Goldmark Oakham still retains the elegance in design and the kindness of the person who blows the diamond soul.


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