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Trade-in 110%

Goldmark Oakham’s lifetime upgrade allows customers to trade their original loose diamond, engagement diamond, solitaire diamond pendant, and diamond studs for a bigger size, quality, or shape. Think of it like a diamond savings account - you can come in as often as desired to trade in the original diamond and you’re only required to pay the difference between the two diamonds. It’s easy, you get 110% of your original purchase toward your new purchase.


The original owner of a Goldmark Oakham engagement ring's diamond will be allowed to put 110 percent of the purchase price of that diamond toward another diamond of at least 50% additional value. Providing your diamond article is undamaged and there are no diamonds missing from the mounting. The value is determined by the exact purchase price shown on the original receipt. No taxes are recoverable. Due to wear, mounting will be accepted as part of the trade-in and will be valued at the price of gold or platinum at the time of trade-in.



Here is how it works - after 1 year your diamond is worth 110% of its original cost!


For example:

Your $10,000 diamond is now worth $11,000 towards the upgrade. Upgrade your $10,000 diamond for a diamond that is $20,000 and only pay $9,000.



  • All initial diamond purchases must have been from Goldmark Oakham Boutique / Goldmark Oakham E-Boutique / Goldmark Oakham Ambassador. 

  • A credit equal to 110% of the original price toward the purchase of a new diamond will be processed at checkout.

  • The price of the upgraded diamond must be at least twice the price of the original diamond. 

  • The diamond must be in its original condition with the original Goldmark Oakham diamond grading report. 

  • Any damage to the original diamond will disqualify the diamond from the upgrade offer.

  • Losing the Goldmark Oakham diamond report could result in the diamond being disqualified from the upgrade 110% offer.

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