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Jewelry Collections

Unique and exclusivity underpin the collections of Goldmark Oakham.


Esprit De La Panthère


Our artisans with their talents give a unique touch to true artistic creations, where traditional techniques are closely combined with modern technology. Refined, resplendent, and brilliant, the collection embodies successful, confident, and proud women. The high-end collection testifies to Goldmark Oakham's stature in the jewelry industry.

Véritable Fantaise Colore


Véritable Fantaise Colore known as one of Goldmark Oakham's exclusive creations, the collection features genuine colored diamonds and precious stones exquisitely arranged and decorated on the jewelry. New colors, new excitement.


Mémore De Marguerite


Each piece of jewelry is brought to life by extraordinary artisans who masterly manipulate and set gems. All like a dream that every girl wants to touch in the collection of memories of a daisy flower. Pure, bright and teary are what Goldmark Oakham offers in the collection.

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