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Investment Stones

Goldmark Oakham Ethical Color Diamonds that are hand selected by our diamond investment advisors for their investment growth potential.


Goldmark Oakham Ethical Color Diamond Investment Value Over The Years

Before you decide to make an investment, in whatever industry it may be, you need to have some indication that your money not only has a good chance of remaining safe but that it will appreciate significantly over time. While stocks and bonds were safe enough for many until the recent financial crisis jolted serious investors worldwide and made them realize that their hard-earned money needs to be put somewhere more secure. Now, more than ever, tangible hard assets such as Goldmark Oakham Ethical Fancy Color Diamonds have become very appealing investment opportunities.

Goldmark Oakham Fancy Pink Diamond Jewelry show an unbelievable 343% appreciation.

Goldmark Oakham Fancy Blue Diamond Collection shows a fantastic 130% appreciation.

The price-performance of commonly traded Goldmark Oakham ethical color diamonds

The colored diamonds that Goldmark Oakham has had the pleasure of creating and owning over the years show amazing numbers. The price at which these more commonly traded stones are sold can give you some insight into the diamond investments the average class would make.

  • Ten years ago, in 2011, a 0.5-carat Fancy Deep Blue diamond ring was priced at roughly $50,500. 

  • Five years ago, in 2017, that same diamond was already at $70,000.

  • Prices have continued to increase since leaving us today at over $945,000.

The numbers don't lie, and the pattern is solid and stable enough to claim that there is a clear positive trend in Color Diamonds and hopefully will continue to do so for many years to come.

Please contact Goldmak Oakham Ambassador for application and details informations.

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