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From the Heart to Diamond

Goldmark Oakham occupies a special place in the world of handcrafted jewelry. The company was founded in 1947, in the magnificent city of France by D. Corneone Goldmark Oakham. As an independent company, Goldmark Oakham has consistently proven itself to be a successful brand in the field of high-end jewelry. Goldmark Oakham is one of the few remaining independent companies to succeed in the jewelry industry, with creations using the mechanics of movement that make the jewelry one-of-a-kind.

The story from 1947

A 75-year journey with a deep passion for jewelry design, the story begins with D. Corneone Goldmark Oakham-the founder. In 1947, he decided to move from England to Paris, France to establish a career. Right from the start, Goldmark Oakham knew exactly what the company needed to do. According to him, jewelry is inherently beautiful, but also easy to get bored, so Goldmark Oakham invested in developing mechanical movements and applied them to jewelry making. As a result, his creations stand out from other jewelry manufacturers and the quality of Goldmark Oakham's craftsmanship is guaranteed to be of the highest standard.

After a period of development in France, Goldmark Oakham ventured back to England, where the royal family was impressed with his creations. In the 1990s, Goldmark Oakham and his descendants focused on developing and creating diamonds by technology methods. An audacity that has given Goldmark Oakham a new vision of ethical luxury.

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The value of the Royal Brand

More than half a century of formation and development, soul diamonds and movement jewelry have always been a unique symbol. The combination of the artist's hands and enthusiasm and the endless beauty of nature, Goldmark Oakham brings a desire to "see". Noble - delicate - luxurious, each product is a unique aura with a royal influence that flutters the hearts of the elite. Goldmark Oakham is proud and confident with its luxurious and classy beauty.

Each product is meticulously crafted with perfection in every detail. It is a painstaking process that combines rare materials with extremely modern motion art. Throughout the long journey of history, Goldmark Oakham has affirmed its enduring and eternal value with royal luster.

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