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How much should I invest in?

Updated: Sep 3, 2021


We have all read somewhere in the financial papers or heard through the financial channels that we need to divest our investments. More recently than ever, there has been a lot of discussion on the topic of investing in diamonds industry. Some people have heard about the multi-million dollar record price of diamonds and concluded that this investment is not for them. But many of us wonder if investing in diamonds should be something for us to consider. We ask ourselves how to sell it when the time comes, what makes an investment grade diamond, or how much should I invest to include such a diamond in my portfolio. , among many other related questions.

We all seek professional help in our lives, from medical doctors, solicitors and financial advisors for our investments. Why has my financial advisor never discussed diamond investments with me? Why has it never been part of my personal financial plan until now? How much should I invest? How do I go about it? These are all valid questions to be answered (Goldmark Oakham have a team of investment strategy willing to help). Similar to how you would talk to an expert in his field, so I would like to take the liberty of helping you better understand the topic of Goldmark Oakham's diamonds investing.

Should I invest in a fancy colored diamond, that's the question!

Every average investor has asked himself this question many times. Some may have even pitched the idea to their investment advisor or financial planner, just be told this is not for them, that this is too risky, that they don't have enough money. … Why is that? It turns out that most investment advisors get paid when you buy a financial product from the

m, and only them. Exceptions to the rule are financial planners who are paid a flat fee for their advice, or who are paid based on total assets under management. Also, because diamond investments in the public are still relatively new, many experienced advisors don't know enough data to give a subjective answer.

Not all colors and sizes are considered investable color diamonds. So which diamonds are those?

In white diamonds, it is fairly obvious to rank a diamond according to the 4C. Most people who deal with colorless stones will agree that the 1-5 carat size, DF color and clarity of the IF-VVS would be considered an investment, as it can be easily marketed, Also known as liquidity. That is, there is price transparency and there is a price list in the market. Only thing, there is little appreciation for these stones.

We review a preferred color diamond investment based on color, intensity and market demand. Historical figures show that both the 2.00 - 5.00 carat yellow diamond with extreme diamond quality and the pink diamond of 0.5 carat and above have seen significant price increases. Other extremely rare colors like blue and red diamonds are priced so high that they have reached their full potential basically based on current market conditions and will at some point start to appreciate in value, in the near future. Size will vary by color, but after monitoring the colored diamond market very closely, the best price increase of up to 350% over a 10 year period cannot be ignored for with yellow and more than 443% in the same period for intense pink.


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