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Diamonds are measured in carat (ct), a unit of weight.

One carat equals to 0.2 g (200 mg; 0.007055 oz).


Soul Diamond is a real diamond, Gemological Institute certified. The special thing is, in the carbon crystal lattice of the soul diamond contains carbon extracted from the hair/nails or ashes of the person you loved.



A natural diamond seed is the diamond required as the foundation from which the soul diamond will evolve. Carbon atoms (from ashes/hair) attach themselves to the seed, under immense pressure, and begin to crystallise.



Each diamond has a unique color naturally. Soul diamonds grow naturally in the color range of the environment, soul diamonds will have special color variations such as yellow, blue and green. Besides, the density is classified hierarchically: instense, vivid, deep and dark.


In the maison of Goldmark Oakham, high-end technologies are mixed with a generous portion of love and dedication. Now you can keep the precious soul with you forever in the shape of a sparkling diamond.

0.50 carat

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