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Goldmark Oakham – Celebrating 5 Years of Soul Diamond Multi-Billion Dollar Manufacture

We connect along the lines of history to discover together many brands, a valuable name in the art and jewelry industry, that have been built in the hearts of collectors. Goldmark Oakham is the brand we all crave!

Without advertising and gimmicks, the values ​​Goldmark Oakham aim to be appreciated through the word of each grave!

Goldmark Oakham re-forms miracles, luck based on science and technology, when creating miniature earth technology with the ability to produce diamonds, diamonds containing DNA bring miracles to the owner.

Miniature earth technology is described as a mystery that humanity celebrates and the diamond born from it is like a throne that the king always aspires to!

At a time when everyone was talking about Mars, Goldmark Oakham focused on creating a new earth! A daring project that sets the course of mankind.

With a value of more than 40 million USD for each miniature earth, Goldmark Oakham builds multi-billion dollar manufacture with dozens of miniature earths to serve from the most demanding customers to the graves, the dutiful son or simply customers waiting for their miracle!

For Goldmark Oakham’s founder, the new manufacture means that each product’s manufacturing and care process is particularly demanding.

“Goldmark Oakham, as a business that brings family connections, connects the world with the goal of ensuring the most effective and reasonable resources for future generations,” Ambassador Goldmark Oakham.

Over the past century, Goldmark Oakham jewelry has been “magical and elegant.” The soul diamond is researched and developed with a formula for connection and magic, the soul diamond is housed in a pivoting structure that requires many architectural and artistic innovations, “Antique mixed with modernity”.

Last August, Goldmark Oakham officially completed the scale-up of a new manufacture located on the outskirts of the city with modern architecture. After 5 years of starting construction to complete construction, impressive lines are likened to a sanctuary of the tech world!

On the occasion of the anniversary of the new manufacture, Goldmark Oakham launches a new Cinq Element model in solid gold with a limited edition of 88 pieces worldwide, impressed by Soul Diamond cleverly arranged to create a super product that brings good luck and proves success.

In this new collection, Goldmark Oakham uses Soul Diamond with a special rare color that blends mystery and luxury for the owner.


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