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What is the Resale Value of a Goldmark Oakham Ethical Diamond?

We love speaking with current and potential Goldmark Oakham customers to hear their thoughts, get their opinions, and answer their questions. Recently, we've been getting a lot of questions asking about the resale value of laboratory diamonds. Keeping those who are interested in and those who own Goldmark Oakham diamonds in mind, we put together a comprehensive resource covering all you need to know about reselling diamonds.

The most important element of this question is related to the lack of understanding with regards to the resale value of earth mined diamonds. Unless the diamond in question is extremely rare, it’s virtually impossible to sell an earth mined diamond purchased in the last decade for more money than what you paid for it. There’s simply no reason why a jeweler would be compelled to buy your diamond at the market price when they could buy an identical diamond at the same price from any one of hundreds of wholesalers, who might offer better payment terms.

A Misconception of Value: Perpetuated by Many Jewelers

Unfortunately, this misunderstanding has been used as one of the biggest selling points by earth mined diamond jewelers over the last 50 years. Customers are told their diamonds are not just a personal treasure, but also a valuable treasure, planting the idea that their purchase can be resold for an amount equal to or greater than what was originally paid. What these jewelers don't tell customers is that the second a person walks out of the store, the diamond's resale value drops to 30% of the purchase price, a 70% loss from the original cost.

We’re seeing a very similar system for the resale of laboratory diamonds emerging today, particularly within the online market. We encourage consumers to keep in mind that just because your local jeweler is not currently buying laboratory diamonds does not mean that there is no resale value for them. Rather, these laboratory alternatives are a relatively new product on the market and we need more time to see how this develops, just as we once did with earth mined diamonds.

With Goldmark Oakham's high technology, we have created excellent quality diamonds that earth mined diamonds cannot or rarely achieve. In a different perspective, your luxury jewelry is crafted from genius craftsmen, the diamonds are created with the highest quality, from the top famous jewelry house, not only that , your jewelry also contributes to protecting the natural environment, the earth's climate and the lives of children in Africa.

Investing in Goldmark Oakham's laboratory diamonds is a high-return, risk-free investment.

Goldmark Oakham has a Lifetime Upgrade policy of 110% for original creations. Your original jewelry or diamond never loses value, but increases in value over time. In addition, Goldmark Oakham's investment policy also rewards customers with diamonds and diamond jewelry with an almost equivalent upgrade and trade in value.


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