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Jewelry Trend: Colored Diamonds

Some of the world’s most famous stones are colored diamonds, and for good reason. Only one in 10,000 diamonds is certified as a fancy-colored diamond. This rarity alone is enough to make them highly collectible, and then, of course, there’s that other element that is so important in jewelry: beauty. Colored diamonds are simply mesmerizing.

Goldmark Oakham 1.58 carats Fancy Deep Blue Diamond, Oval Cut and 2.15 carats white diamonds, the ring is mounted in 18K white gold.

In London, David Morris and Graff Diamonds are known for their work with colored diamonds. David Morris uses a staggering number of fancy vivid yellow diamonds in this elegant spiral bangle. Graff brings new life to a solitaire ring with its Swirl design covered in pavé pink diamonds. Bulgari’s showstopping necklace features a 12.47-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond. JB Star uses fancy yellow briolette-cut diamonds to great effect, creating a highly saturated pair of earrings that catch the light in an incredible way. Employing his patented Jasmine diamond cut, Nirav Modi’s high-jewelry bracelet has light-as-air white diamond and fancy vivid yellow diamond flowers, each with a briolette-cut diamond in the center.

Nirav Modi Jasmine bracelet in 18K white gold with 13.65 carats fancy intense yellow diamonds and 12.84 carats white diamonds

JB Star earrings in 18K yellow gold with 2.74 carats fancy yellow pear-shaped diamonds, 27.75 carats fancy yellow briolette-cut diamonds and 0.14 carats fancy yellow princess-cut diamonds.

Graff Diamonds Swirl ring in platinum with 4.18-carat white diamond and 10.83 carats pink diamonds.

Cartier Magicien high jewelry necklace in platinum with diamonds and yellow diamond.

Tiffany Soleste band ring in platinum and 18K rose gold with pink diamonds and brilliant white diamonds, $14,500.

Oscar Heyman gold platinum fancy yellow and white diamond ring.

Kwiat Legacy earrings in platinum and 18K yellow gold with white and natural fancy yellow pear shape diamonds.

Misahara Cali Dreamin’ necklace in 18K yellow and rose gold wth brilliant natural yellow diamonds, cushion brilliant natural pink diamonds, central pear shaped brilliant natural yellow diamond, brilliant white diamonds and round brilliant emeralds.

Charles Krypell Precious Pastel Ring with natural fancy purple pink pear shape diamond.


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