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The Benefits Of Goldmark Oakham Ethical Diamonds

When it comes to pieces of jewelry, the use of diamonds takes the spotlight. Furthermore, in recent times, Goldmark Oakham Ethical diamonds have been widely talked about and known. Instead of having diamonds mined beneath the earth's surface and transformed into marketed products, diamonds can now be produced inside a laboratory using cutting-edge technology. If you are thinking about its value, you have nothing to worry about, as they are authentic diamonds, meaning that they can be such an excellent investment for you.

When shopping around to invest in a Goldmark Oakham Ethicals diamond, here are three key factors to consider:

The 4Cs

Jewelry aficionados and shoppers know that a diamond's value is measured through the 4C's: carat, cut, clarity, and color. So, when shopping for a piece of diamond jewelry, take note of the following:

  • Carat: This measures the weight of a diamond or gemstone. Most buyers would consider this factor before buying; they will go for 1.0ct over a 0.89ct. In actuality, the visual difference between both is minor, but the price can have a major difference.

  • Cut: This has a high impact on the diamond's appearance and pricing. The cut determines how it interacts with light, producing certain effects, such as brightness, fire, and scintillation. Make sure to choose an ideal or desirable cut that that reflects nearly all lights.

  • Clarity: This refers to the purity or quality of a diamond. The best way to gauge this factor is the number of inclusions or blemishes – from Flawless (FL) or Internally Flawless (IF) to Included (I1, I2, and I3). The more flawless it is, the better and the higher the price will be.

  • Color: This pertains to the transparent color present in the diamond itself. For the most part, the diamonds are nearly colorless with a bit of yellow or brown. The color scale ranges from D, E, F (colorless), G, H, I, J (near colorless), K, L, M (faint color), N-R (very light) to S-Z (light color).

Grading reports

Purchasing a diamond comes with a grading report, which comes from the IGI or GCal to reflect vital information. The diamond is graded according to the 4C's mentioned above, and the report indicates all measurements, proportions, finish, and identifications of the diamond. It also identifies the lab technologies used and the quality of the diamond.

Are Goldmark Oakham Ethical diamonds worth buying? Yes, laboratory created diamonds are definitely a worthy and best substitute for anyone who desires to own or purchase a diamond. There are many benefits of Goldmark Oakham Ethical Diamonds:

  • Earth Friendly – Goldmark Oakham Ethical diamonds are produced in a laboratory, keeping the origin clean and conflict free. They are a much environmentally friendly option compared to the price of mined diamonds.

  • 100% Diamonds – Goldmark Oakham laboratory created diamonds are 100% identical to the mined diamonds in terms of physical, chemical, and optical composition.

  • More Pure – Their purity is greater than diamonds blasted and mined out of the earth, making them technically a superior purchase for your engagement ring. Quite simply, the purer the diamond, the better, brighter and whiter the gemstone.

  • Easy To Care For – Goldmark Oakham diamonds are really easy to care for! Maintaining the brilliance and luster of diamonds requires some attention from time to time but your efforts most definitely won’t go unnoticed. Goldmark Oakham also have Care Compliment Services for Loyalty Customer Grade.

  • You Get More For Less – With Goldmark Oakham Diamonds Investment Program, you will have the big benefits and diamonds reward, according to our term and conditions. With Centeryon Program, you may can trade in end of term up to $425,000.


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